How To Create A Custom WordPress Navigation Menu

costom navigation menu

What is Custom WordPress Navigation Menu? Custom WordPress navigation menu was firstly introduced by WordPress developers in WordPress version 3.0 and since then they are making efforts to bring the more dynamic form of navigation menus with more user-friendly backend and easy customization. I think...

How To Create A Widget Area In WordPress Theme

custom widget area

As we Learn before, How to Use Custom Post Type in WordPress Theme, now let’s dig a bit further and start learning How to create a Widget area in Custom WordPress theme. To best understand the code I personally think that you should know the complete fully functional code first and then I’ll e...

How to Use Custom Post Type in WordPress Theme


By default, WordPress has two type of content, post, and pages. The post is further organized based on categories and tags while pages are organized in parent-child relationships. Custom post type is a new type of post with its own name, it’s own selection in the admin menu and it’s own template tax...

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