ERPNext Service Provider

ERPNext helps you take full control of your business. It is as powerful as it is easy to use.

ERP for Services

With ERPNext for services you can have a fully integrated project module with timesheet, expenses, purchases, budgeting, billing, and invoicing modules. ERPNext support project-based accounting to ensure accurate calculations of profits in each separate project. Project dashboard is also integrated with human resource and sales module so the employee can claim expenses incurred out of pocket and convert matured sales lead into project respectively.

ERP for Manufacturers

With ERPNext for manufacturing you can have a seamless manufacturing process starting from the bill of material till the completion of finished good, everything is managed within the ERP. It has a calendar based production order interface which represents visual deadlines for the completion of individual batches of the finished goods. Manufacturing process is also integrated with inventory module so the bill of material is created if the inventory exists.

ERP for Retailers

With ERPNext for retailers you can have a touch-friendly point of sales (POS) system completely integrated with inventory and accounts modules. It can also work offline so when POS connects to the internet it auto synchronize with ERP. It also supports multi-store feature so you can manage multiple stores remotely from a single location. You can also overlook store inventory, analyze real-time reports, track top selling products insights and print receipts.

ERP for Distributors

With ERPNext for distributors you can have multiple warehouses under one solution, through ERPNext you can track and manage inventory at multiple locations from a single place. Inventory can be filtered by batches or serial numbers assigned. The distributor receivables tracking system is integrated where you can filer customer or product states for more profitability.