Rhino Consumer Electronics E-Retail Store

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The Challenge

Rhino is consumer electronics retail store based in Lahore dealing in electronics, gaming, entertainment, and home automation products who enjoys a great deal of professional affiliation with Esports in Pakistan since 2011. Knowing exactly what Pakistan severely lacks in the consumer electronics market, in 2020, they decided to go digital to develop infrastructure where there is customer-first service, maximum availability of products, and transparency. To compete with the modernized market in terms of modern technology infrastructure we were given the task to take their line of products online.

The Solution

Representatives from Rhino’s management had many productive meetings with us in terms of finalizing features and infrastructure. They wanted to develop a custom-tailored solution where they have absolute liberty to scale features, integrate APIs for automation, and add new tools for supporting user experience. After taking all the requirements into consideration we proposed to utilize time parallel to developing a custom solution and launch a CMS-based e-commerce platform to increase their digital presence until a custom solution is developed and tested.

After research and planning, it was finalized that we will develop first prototype using woocommerce, and then later in a year we will move towards a customized tech-based solution. It took us 1 month to complete the website and an additional 1 month to add high quality full descriptive products. Later we were assigned an ongoing job for on-page and off-page SEO.