Skin Up Goes Digital

The Challenge

Skin Up (Pvt.) Ltd., a leading global Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Goods, Hunting Clothing, Hunting Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Motorbike Wear, Casual and Safety Wear, enjoys a great deal of brand recognition since 1990. Most of its past marketing had been focused on outdoor marketing campaigns and exhibitions. In 2015 Skin Up decided to go Digital to compete with the modernized market and we were assigned the task to take their line of products to online infrastructure.

The Solution

A representative was assigned by Skin Up administration to deliver their products to our photography studio in Lahore. Products were brought in the studio in sets of 25 each by Skin Up agent. Two in-house sessions were arranged to photograph those products which were too big in size and cannot be delivered to our studio.

In parallel to the photo shoot, our team of enthusiastic developers was planning out the scope of Skin Up E-Commerce platform. After research and planning, it was decided that a huge line of products will be divided into three major categories i.e. Leather goods, Hunting accessories & Protective equipment and three separate platforms will be developed to incorporate the complete line of products. So the following websites were designed in developed.

  1. Skin Up Leather Goods visit
  2. Skin Up Hunting Goods visit
  3. Skin Up Protective Equipments visit

The Business Results

Website reached many customers with its big-picture message, both in print and online. The platform provided a powerful positioning for Skin Up and the company utilized it throughout a wide variety of marketing initiatives.