Website Development Services

DrCodeX is a web development company in Lahore, Pakistan, delivering affordable and scalable website development service to its customers. We develop website using popular content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc. also if you are looking for more complex website development in Pakistan than DrCodeX Technologies offers website built on MVC (Model, View, Controller) Frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend etc. Our team of experts is well equipped with skills that provide a competitive business website, including eCommerce solution.

E-Commerce Development

As a leading eCommerce solution provider in Pakistan and around the World, DrCodeX has a team of experts with loaded development skills to deliver top quality eCommerce website to its clients. We develop, customize and integrate every popular eCommerce platform out there which includes, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify and many more. We also offer custom Codeigniter and Laraval eCommerce solution for flexibility and liberty in developing any module, plugin or extension for your business.

DrCodeX provides ready search engine optimized eCommerce websites in a very attractive and cost-effective way. We believe that quality should not come with any additional cost but it should be a duty to its service. With our team of expert developers and original designers, we innovate, create and implement the best possible eCommerce solution for your online business.

Following are the best eCommerce solution out there that we offer.



Web development using Woocommerce solution. A WordPress based ecommerce platform.


Magento Theme Development Service Lahore Pakistan

Web development using Magento solution. A self-hosted dedicated ecommerce platform.



Web development using Shopify solution. A cloud-based ecommerce platform.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management system also known as CMS is the dynamic way of managing your websites. It is quick, easy and modern way to handle things on your website. You can easily add, remove and update content by yourself without having knowledge of scary coding at all. Any user with the access can make changes by simply logging in to your website backend.

There are many CMS out there on the internet like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. and each one of it has its own unique features, some of them are hosted and some of them are self-hosted and selecting the best one only depends on your exact requirements. DrCodeX help you make that wise decision by studying your requirements thoroughly and finalize CMS for your website development.

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Custom Web Development

When requirements become more complex and challenges become bigger. When additional web functionality is required or third-party API integrations become a word. DrCodeX team of competent, innovative and solution-oriented developers highly conversant with custom web development provides an avant-garde technology solution to our rapturous clients.

While life is easy if we handle the website using CMS (content management system ) but it’s not always the right fit for every project. We take a detailed requirement from our client, analyze it and if it does not fit in the scope of any content management system then we propose the best customized website development solution which fulfills the functionality requirements.



Web development using open source CodeIgniter PHP Framework in Lahore, Pakistan.



Web development using Laravel PHP Framework which provides elegance and simplicity.



Symphony – The leading PHP framework to create custom websites and web applications.

Business dynamics are changing rapidly, web development is becoming more and more of a necessity rather than a fancy. Business interests are shifting toward providing online services and online shopping experiences. Owners are in search of a professional web development company who can provide them with state of the art website.

As we look around, we see technology is innovating and moving forward very fast. It is making life easier for countless people worldwide due to which they can now access any service by searching online. Businesses are striving to present their true identity online to its customers and we ensure that your web design is standing out from your competitors’ websites guaranteeing that your message is delivered the way you want.

DrCodex is a professional web design and web development company operating in Lahore, Pakistan. We have a dedicated team of web designers and web developers providing extraordinary website development services in an affordable and cost-effective pricing. Our developers deliver highly competitive designs, clean code, instant support and maintain websites to be in current market trending. If you are planning to develop a website, fill in the form to get a free quote for your project