Lifeglo a Network Marketing Web Application

The Challenge

Lifeglo Int (Referred as Lifeglo afterward) is a wholly foreign owned company. Lifeglo was setup in Nigeria in Dec, 2016.
Lifeglo was aspired to popularize their products to Nigeria which was under the shortage of medicine and related detecting instrument as we know, therefore they came up with their products, love & the perseverance under commitment to bring good health, peace and wealth to more human Beings here.
To expand operations they were in desperate need of sophisticated Network Marketing Software to distribute sales commissions among their marketing agents.

The Solution

Lifeglo management provide us with commission distribution chain & formulas, management levels and detailed document pertaining profit percentages of agents. No doubt this web based application was very tough to develop due to its complications but we were determined to add this product in our long list of accomplishments.

Once the plan was in place we started developing Network Marketing Web Application using codeigniter which was a wise choice by client. As you know there is more flexibility in developing complex product in MVC rather than using Content Management System commonly known as CMS.

Company gave us a challenge to complete it in 3 months as their launch date was not too far. At first we were reluctant to get on board but eventually we took this challenge and complete it in record 2 months time, Hats off to our dedicated team of developers.

The Business Results

Now Lifeglo is able to calculate monthly commissions of each agent on just a single click. They were very happy with the final product because now they do not have to calculate individual commissions on excel or manual books which was the hectic process to 7 days.